Hanna, the Health Coach for autoimmune diseases

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I wrote these pages thinking in all of the people that are living with an autoimmune disease diagnosis and are following conventional treatment and it is giving no results.

I am a doctor that more than 15 years ago lived with lupus and felt what you are most likely going through: pain in your joints, fatigue, hair loss, anemia, swelling, skin lesions...

That is exactly why I can understand you better than anyone.

I was already in your place, and now I am dedicating this space for you.


Here you will have the opportunity to free yourself from all bounds and limits, with no excuses, get rid of pain and any of the other symptoms that your disease is imposing. Together you will meet the specialized program that I have created based on my personal experience with the diagnosis along with my formation in Integrative Medicine.

Allow me to incorporate other health and wellness alternatives. Dare to give a quantum step towards you health!

The mix of diverse Integrative and Quantum Medicine resources will allow you to understand your body, as well as to know what to do to balance your health. 

Let me accompany you in this journey...

Health Coaching for autoimmune diseases

Pick me as your Health Coach to medically guide you and avoid crisis and rebounds in your health.

Health Coaching

A custom medical guide where you will learn what to do to improve your health.
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Quantum Therapies

Explore a variety of Quantum Medicine techniques that can be applied without the need of you being near me. These kind of therapies are beneficial to treat muscular and joint pain, also providing peace and emotional healing.

Quantum Therapies

Explore a diverse catalog of techniques to decode and solve your physical, emotional, and spiritual afflictions.
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Remote Medicine

Do you want me to know you case? Let's make a medical remote consultation.

Remote Medicine

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What some of my patients say

Do you live with an autoimmune disease? What are you waiting for?

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