I'm Hanna

What can I say about me?


I'm Hanna, Ana de la Peña

A happy and accomplished coach and doctor

I was born in Holguín, Cuba. I graduated as a M.D and shortly after I migrated to Ecuador, where I currently live. 

My personal story is colored with the will power that I obtained in order to overcome an autoimmune disease and recover my health. 

As is "natural" my colleagues were not optimistic and there was no mercy in transmitting a discouraging diagnosis. A diagnosis that I expected as my student years had taught me. 

However, I did not give up. The diagnosis became a trigger to find answers for what was happening to me. To regain my health, without pain, without thinness, without irritability, without skin lesions! I only had one request: To live!

I discovered an enormous inner strength in me. My certainty was and continues to be my inspiration to awaken that magical power in others. 

My Goal

I go beyond healing, I want my patients to understand and commit to their process.

In our day-to-day lives we have grown accustomed of having the "freedom" to make the decisions we want in terms of health. Little by little establishing a standard of how things should be done and what works and what does not. This marked the path of what is considered "normal" or "adequate". However, we do not realize that we actually receive many influences that choose this for us: 

That is why it is my mission to inform you about the healthiest alternatives that make you the protagonist of your health. To give hope to those who, based on these diagnoses, have lost it. I want to do it because I experienced it until I discovered that what they did was decide for me, transforming me in a spectator of my own life.



"The doctor that does not understand souls will not understand bodies"

- José Narosky


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Medicine is inside you and you don't use it, illness comes from within you and you don't realize it

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